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Camera and Video Equipment RentalsApollo 13, The Last Picture Show, Hope Floats RoboCop, Bonnie and Clyde, Traffic, Texas Chain Saw Massacre – what do these movies have in common? Give up? They were all filmed in the great state of Texas. For years, Texas has been considered a film-friendly state for a number of reasons. Not only does the Lone Star State offer beautiful natural scenery with its plains, mountains, coasts, hills, and prairies, but its small towns and unique culture are ideal for a movie setting.

Last year, Governor Rick Perry signed House Bill 873, which promotes the film, television, video, and digitial interactive media production industries in Texas. In the last ten years, $1.2 billion dollars was brought into the state’s economy from the moving picture business and Governor Perry along with the Texas Film Commission are offering incentives, hoping for even more revenue from the industry. These include, up-front sales tax exemptions, refunds of 6% of the state occupancy tax on hotel rooms, and refunds on fuel tax used for off-road fuel. Texas also has the capability of providing 80% of all necessary crew jobs on major film productions! That’s something many states aren’t able to do. With all this in mind, filming anything from a wedding to a major motion picture in Texas is very appealing.

If you are planning to film in Texas and you’re lacking equipment, why not consider Video Gear and Camera Equipment Rentals? Renting this type of equipment makes a lot sense, especially if you are low on funds. You’ll be able to get the latest, top-of-the-line equipment in the industry without spending a lot of money. And when you use a firm like to rent your equipment, it can be delivered to almost any city in Texas.

What types of video and equipment gear can you rent? Here is just a sample:

Panasonic HVX200 Camera Rentals – One of the most popular HD Cameras, it’s capable of recording in HD and SD modes, with a wide variety of frame rates. It’s flexible, great for slow motion, and covers all of your basic needs.

Sony HVR-Z1U Camera Rentals – This camera is often used when producing documentaries and reality shows, due to its portability. It can shoot in NTSC 60i, PAL 50i and has professional XLR audio inputs.

Letus35 HD Lens Adapter Rentals – the Letus35 Mini and the Letus35 Extreme feature 1/2 stop of light loss and feature prism technology that flips an image upright.

Camera Tripod and Support Rentals – Anyone who is serious about videography or photography knows how important it is to have support. It eliminates shake and helps you get a better picture. You can also rip Zipline Dollies, Monopods, CamTrams, Skateboard Dollies, Jib Arms, and more.

In addition to these products, you can rent video monitoring systems, P2 Media Storage, video cables, camera battery belts, firewire, converters, video mixers, projector screens, projectors, batteries, hard disc recorders, DVD recorders and more.

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