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Texicon 2011Gaming conventions are all over the place. You can find them in almost every city in every country in the world, including Texas. While there are a lot of gaming conventions in Texas, one of the biggest yearly ones is Texicon. Texicon is the premier gaming convention in Fort Worth Texas and is aimed at bringing persistent gamers together for a weekend filled with more gaming then you could possibly imagine.

There seems to be different themes or focuses for each year’s events and the 2011 show is geared mainly towards role-playing. Role-playing can be considered as dull as playing another character in a board or video game or as intense as fully dressing up and staging battles and fights with other people. Whatever path you choose, whether it be rolling your 20-sided die or casting a magical spell at your foes, Texicon 2011 is the place for you.

There have been a few changes from Texicon 2010 that visitors to the show will be interested in knowing. The miniatures section of the convention has expanded to a larger hall and is now located in Driftwood. A new Board Game Magnate has taken over, Tiffany Franzoni from Roll 2 Play. Rollin Kearly has taken the position of Role-Playing Magnate. The Minister of Propaganda is now Jamie Mathews, who is focused on getting the word about Texicon out to the public (look for special offers and advertisements in your Game Geek Goodie Bag) and Tory Henry has been promoted to Registration Magnate.

But what is probably the biggest change for Texicon is that the convention has expanded and contracted for additional space. The event will still remain in the same rooms as the 2010 convention with the addition of the Driftwood room. Like I mentioned earlier, the Driftwood room will play host to miniature games, GM registration and the seminar table. By doing this, additional space will free up in the Pheasant Room (the Role-Play room) and in Llano (the Board game room). The Cap Rock room, which was the previous miniature games room, is now the dealer room.

Texicon 2011 is also going green. By green I mean that the website and subsequent advertising is green themed. This is because Texicon likes to color code their rooms for the convention. Miniatures is orange, Board games is purple and Role-Playing is green. Considering Role-Play is the theme for this year, the Role-Play Magnate will be spearheading programs highlighting role-playing.

There are also a few other things you need to know before you pack up your graph papers and trading cards and head off to Texas. Space at the convention is limited so you may want to pre-register to guarantee you a spot. You will also need to send in a list of events you wish to enter after you pay for your registration. There will also be many seminars that you may be interested in attending.

Texicon 2011 will be taking place May 20-22, 2011 at the Sheraton Hotel in Fort Worth, Texas. Be sure to check out the Texicon website for all the details, schedules and registration forms.

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