Private Homes Rented for the Super Bowl

Knost ChâteauThe Super Bowl, one of the nation’s biggest and most televised events, was not more than two days ago and people from all over the country flocked to Texas to see the big game that an entire season of sweat, hard work and punishment led up to. Since the game took place in Texas at the home of the Dallas Cowboys, the Lone Star State saw an immense increase in business in more than a few ways.

A lot of quick thinkers in Texas took advantage of being the host city in order to make some extra cash, thousands in some cases. The Dallas/Ft. Worth area rental market in Texas went crazy leading up to the Super Bowl and many residents offered up their homes to distant travelers, sometimes charging a month’s mortgage per night. Hotel prices in Texas for the weekend of the Super Bowl were already at a premium and it looks like private homes didn’t have any trouble charging the big bucks either.

Prices ranged from affordable to downright insane. The smallest and cheapest of the bunch would run you $75 a night for a 1 bedroom, 1 bath condo which was a 20-30 minute drive from the stadium. But if high class is your thing (and you can afford it), then you could have rented out the Knost Château, a 12,000-square-foot estate with 6 bedrooms and 6 baths for $37,500 a night. The Knost Château is a good 45 minutes away from the stadium.

If you preferred to be in the city right up close to the stadium, then $10,000 would have gotten you a stylish place to stay as well as a slick car to roll around in. A two story condo in the W Residential Tower is a 4,400-square-foot high rise with a wall-to-wall glass living area located in downtown Dallas. That $10,000 also gave you exclusive use of a 2010 black convertible Aston Martin.

A lake front property asked $5,000 a night. The 8,600-square-foot, 6 bedroom house has a reduced listing price but the media room/theater would have been a great place to watch the game. After the game you could have relaxed in the indoor diving pool or the indoor hot tub. The use of a Hummer and/or a Mercedes was not included in the $5,000 price but was available if desired.

It looks like some savvy Texans literally made the best of their state’s Super Bowl experience and came away with some nice lumps of cash. Renting out private homes for an event, especially one as big as the Super Bowl, seems to be the perfect way to score some easy cash.

Source: SFGate

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