eRenterPlan Renter’s Insurance Now Offered to Single-Family Market

RealPage logoRealPage Incorporated has just recently announced that LeasingDesk is introducing eRenterPlan renter’s insurance to the single-family market. This will make affordable policies as well as extensive protection available to renters as well as property owners. eRenterPlan can be accessed via a simple online process on the Tenant Portal within Propertyware. Propertyware is a subsidiary of RealPage and a leading web-based property management solution that allows access to software and services to single-family rentals and low density, centrally-managed multifamily housing.

According to President of Propertyware/SMB Division Sina Shekou, “There’s a common misconception that a landlord’s insurance policy covers a renter’s belongings and that’s not true. eRenterPlan provides comprehensive and affordable policies to protect a tenant’s belongings and exposure to risk. Combined with our comprehensive Tenant Screening program, Propertyware now boasts a complete end-to-end risk mitigation platform that’s affordable and flexible.”

eRenterPlan is a complete renter’s insurance program that is designed to meet the needs of any property or tenant. eRenterPlan works to improve the profitability of a property by reducing financial loss due to damage caused by a tenant. eRenterPlan policies also deliver broad coverage options to protect renters as well as owners against damages that are both common and costly. This includes things like damages from water, smoke, fire, explosion, roof leak, worldwide theft and the inclusion of up to five roommates under s single policy. Every tenant is pre-approved with policies offering affordable rates along with full replacement value of contents, liability coverage (if elected) and low deductibles.

The best thing is that all of this requires little effort from the owner or property manager to implement and manage the program. The only requirement is a mouse click that will allow you to begin advertising the service to tenants immediately. Propertyware will provide property managers with complimentary eRenterPlan marketing materials and will even pay marketing fees where necessary. Links with the Tenant Portal in Propertyware will guide tenants through the eRenterPlan platform in order to get more information, obtain a free quote and purchase a policy. This integration allows owners as well as managers to track when a policy is purchased, cancelled or expired.

“eRenterPlan has been designed specifically for renters and offers excellent insurance protection which can help eliminate costs for owners resulting from tenant-caused damages, as well as protect owners from filing claims against their own policies,” stated President of LeasingDesk David Carner. “Our multifamily customers have realized huge savings from our renter’s insurance program, so we are thrilled to be able to extend this valuable solution to the single-family market through Propertyware. We know Propertyware customers will reap the benefits in terms of saving time, money and worry.”

Source: Market Watch – RealPage’s LeasingDesk Introduces eRenterPlan Renter’s Insurance to Single-Family Market

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