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More Investors Renting Homes Instead of Reselling Them

An increase in demand from owner-occupant home buyers has forced investors to rent out nearly half of the homes they purchase, as opposed to buying them, renovating them and reselling them to other prospective home owners. Continue reading

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Texas Sees an Increase in North Texan Landlords

If you live in or around North Texas then it is the perfect time to think about becoming a first-time landlord. Don’t believe me? Then just look at the growing number of North Texas residents that are buying homes only to rent them out to other people. Continue reading

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Textbook Rentals Surge in San Antonio

As any college student knows, one of the most expensive things about going to college, aside from the tuition, is the cost of buying books. Books for each semester of class can really add up and the worse thing is that once you buy them, you are usually stuck with them as many schools discontinue certain volumes or editions, not allowing you to sell them back. Continue reading

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Benefits to Investing in an Austin Rental Property

Although we may still be in an economic slump and the real estate market in most areas is somewhat atrocious, there are still many places across the country where long-term real estate investments can be very beneficial and profitable. Continue reading

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