FEMA Provides Temporary Housing to Wildfire Victims

FEMA logoA plethora of temporary housings from FEMA have arrived in Texas for victims of the recent wildfires who live in Bastrop, Texas. Many people have already begun moving into the temporary homes with FEMA stating that more housing units are already on the way.

One resident, Maryann Creed, who recently moved into one of the FEMA homes stated in an interview, “I saw roofs on the ground and I just said to God, ‘Okay, okay’,” after she initially saw her property after the fires. “I knew even then I wanted to rebuild; I just wasn’t sure how at that point.”

There are two different types of homes currently available for victims of the recent Bastrop wildfires, a park model and a mobile home unit. The park model, like the one Creed currently resides in, is the smaller of the two and is a 408-square-foot unit with two bedrooms and a bathroom.

The mobile unit is an 840-square-foot unit and includes three bedrooms and a bathroom. Both are fully furnished and are also stocked with appliances and anything else residents may need until they can get back on their feet.

FEMA is providing the homes in partnership with the State of Texas and all the homes will be available short-term. FEMA typically urges people to find rental housings or apartments instead of depending on the housing units. However, in Bastrop, as well as many other areas in Texas, there simply are not enough rental properties available.

Creed was able to have her temporary unit set up a few yards away from where her house once stood and plans to rebuild a permanent home on her own property. Crews are also attempting to get the housing units installed as close to where families are rebuilding as possible.

“We are working ¬†very closely with a lot of other families”, said Ray Perez of FEMA. “We work with them to see what their housing plan, their permanent housing plans and their plans for rebuilding are.” FEMA says that families can stay in one of the housing units for as long as 18 months from the day the disaster declaration went into effect, September 9.

Overall, FEMA estimates that it will provide nearly 100 of the temporary homes to fire victims. Most victims, according to FEMA, have already found rental properties.

Source: WFAA.com – Temporary housing units roll into Bastrop

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