Proguard Storage Offers New Rental Services for Senior Citizens

Proguard StorageProguard Storage out of Houston, Texas has started promoting their expanded storage rental services and offerings to senior citizens who may be downsizing their living situations. The company specializes in premiere climate control storage units and is offering discounts to first-time customers ranging from deals like a free month of storage or even a guaranteed lowest price offering compared to other Texas storage companies in the same area.

According to Regional Manager at Proguard Storage Blenda Stapleton, “We’ve always made it easy for our customers to try out storage for the first time, with our range of discounts as well as the different supplies and consultations we provide. And for many senior citizens, storage rental is a new project. For those who are moving from larger houses to smaller apartments, or to assisted living facilities, storage can be difficult transitions for elderly family members, and it’s even harder when they have to grapple with losing, selling, or dividing up their most important possessions. But in our handicap-accessible climate control storage units, even antiques are fragile items and will be well-kept.”

One of the best things about having a unit at Proguard Storage is that it is accessible 7 days a week, 365 days a year, allowing you to have access to all of your possessions at all times. No matter what a senior citizen’s motives for relocating are, they will undoubtedly have to part ways with some things. Storage rentals, like the ones offered by Proguard Storage, allow these individuals to keep all of their belongings, even if they don’t have space to put them anywhere.

There are currently five different locations offered by Proguard Storage in the greater Houston metropolitan area. Each one offers features like automatic lighting, wide doorways and driveways, free loading carts, freight delivery options, 18-wheeler access, sealed concrete floors and solid block, brick and steel construction.

Source: – Texas Storage Specialists Promote New Storage Rental Services for Seniors Who Are Downsizing

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