Victims of Hurricane Ike Find Hope in Rental Housing Program

rental homesAccording to recent reports, renters in Galveston, Texas could receive rental help in as little as a month if they have been displaced and are waiting on their homes in the disaster housing recovery program to be completed. The Galveston City Council unanimously voted to approve nearly 20 units for a temporary rental housing program.

The rental housing program, which cost an estimated $1.275 million and was approved back in September by the Texas General Land Office, will allow families to spend as much as $3,000 for up to three months on their rent while their homes are fixed or reconstructed. The program was designed to help victims of Hurricane Ike, which struck the area back in 2008.

Any eligible family would include those who earn 50% of the area median income or less as well as the elderly and the disabled. The total median income for Galveston is reported to be nearly $36,000.

The money for the help would come from the amount each homeowner was awarded for their home. A rehabilitation maximum was set at $100,000 and $135,000 with elevation. In addition to that, a reconstruction maximum was set at $160,000 and $195,000. If a homeowner owns a historical piece of property, they are awarded a maximum of $160,000 or $195,000 with elevation. According to city officials, the program could start taking applications in about 40 to 45 days.

Seventeen of these rental units are located at 215 Market St. in Galveston. Seven of these are one-bedroom units owned by Charna properties and could be rented for $797 per month. An additional 4 one-bedroom units, for the same price, would be available from Carelton Courtyard, which also has six two-bedroom units available for $931 per month.

An additional 4 one-bedroom units will also be available for $797 per month. These are located at 6300 Seawall Blvd. and are also managed by Charna Graber Real Estate. This also marks the second time Galveston has released a request for quotation since the beginning of the program in October. All five responses to the request were dismissed due to the fact that the rent quotes were above the allowable rates.

Source: The Daily News – Council OKs temporary rental housing program

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