DepositGuard Evaluates Top 20 Texas Vacation Rental Sites

DepositGuard logoVacation rentals are the latest thing when it comes to family vacations. Families going on vacation are usually looking for a fun place to stay that reminds them of home these days, which is why vacation rentals are becoming so popular. Texas is one of the most popular locations for vacation home rentals, with the industry becoming one of the most profitable in the state.

DepositGuard, one of the pioneers in providing secure vacation rental payments, has just issued its very first annual round-up, evaluating 20 of the leading vacation rental sites in the industry. The round-up includes evaluations of sites such as VRBO, Vacation Rental Agent, Corporate Housing by Awner and airbnb, among many others.

DepositGuard’s round-up highlights exposure to risk for consumer payments and also provides a free tool and resource to help travelers make more informed decisions about what site to go to for their next vacation home rental.

According to Owner and Editor of Richard Marquette, “It’s time that this fast growing industry take notice of payment methods, because consumers definitely are doing their homework before making decisions on where to find their next vacation rental. Now that secure payment options are available, consumers are finding more peace of mind using those payment methods when sending money to someone they’ve never met for a rental they’ve never seen.”

Finding the right vacation rental on the internet can be a tricky thing. I know that whenever I need to find something on the internet I never know which site to trust, which site is giving me the best deal or which one is trying to rip me off. With vacation rentals, there is even more risk because you are giving money to a stranger before you can even inspect where you are going to be staying.

DepositGuard tries to ensure that you never make the wrong vacation rental decision and with this first annual round-up evaluation, renters are now able to see what sites will give them the best deals so they can ensure that they aren’t getting ripped off.

Source: Houston Chronicle – DepositGuard Publishes First Annual Vacation Rental Website Round-Up

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