Are You Ready For Ushicon 2014? Not Without A 4K Monitor Rental!

Ushicon 2014 is just around the corner! Hundreds of vendors or exhibitionists from all over the country are registered and ready to show up and outsell you. How are you going to stand out from the hundreds of other vendors that are selling basically the same thing as you? a bigger booth? A cluttered display of anime wall scrolls that no one can take in at once? Let me make your life a little bit easier by suggesting a 4K monitor rental!

The Samsung 4K ULTRA HD specifically has become the standard for many convention vendors and exhibitionists across the nation, largely due to its vast array of features. It has a 4K 3820 x 2160 HD resolution, smart TV capabilities, 4 different HDMI inputs, and a very slim and attractive design.

This type of advertising gives you the upper hand by allowing you loop high quality marketing clips showing off your products or prices, or just some really neat anime action clips to draw people in if you are a vendor. In an exhibit setting, the possibilities are literally endless when it comes to the high quality content that you could be using it for. It’s perfect for everything from graphs, to company logos, to basically anything else you could think of.

4K technology is one of the biggest trends today. Many show managers from all over have already put this into full affect and are finding creative ways to utilize this and maximize their profits by having the best looking displays. Instead of being just another person with a booth at Ushicon, you could be destroying your competition, thanks to having the most eye catching display.

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