Announces Free Lifetime Listings for Texas Vacation Rentals

Bobzio logoVacation rentals in Texas are in high demand, at least as far as is concerned. is a co-op of vacation rental owners, home exchanges and area services and has also just announced free lifetime listings for owners of vacation rentals in Texas. To put that into perspective, a website like would usually charge around $1,000 for the same perks and listing benefits.

Each Texas vacation rental owner is allowed unlimited photos, video upload, interactive reservation calendar, Google Map and email contact forms. In addition to that, owners will also soon be able to accept credit card payments without fees as well. is also offering insurance against loss of deposits to travelers, all without any fee for a lifetime property listing. is still in its infancy having only launched a couple of months ago, though it is growing at an impressive rate. More and more users are discovering the different advantages of searching for rentals based on activities like golf, theme parks, scuba diving and any activity imaginable.

Being a co-op, is owned by the members. The ownership role, however, will be determined whenever the first 20,000 members have joined. This means that this is the perfect time to join up. An opportunity that could save you $1,000 instantly while also having the potential to generate tons of revenue doesn’t come along every day. also offers training on techniques designed to increase internet marketing exposure for individual listings and tips to get photos and videos to show up in some of the major internet search engines. If you own a Texas rental property and have been looking for a way to get your property out to a huge market, may be just what you are looking for. But you better hurry, because this deal won’t be around forever and it really does seem too good to pass up.

Source: San Francisco Chronicle – Texas Vacation Rentals & Home Swaps Are in High Demand; Announces Needing More Listings to Keep Pace with Vacationers

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Rental Industry and Income on the Rise in Texas

cash moneyAccording to recent data collected by the U.S. Department of Commerce, Texas has taken the number 3 spot in the country for percent change in total state personal income in 2011. Texas saw that number rise 6.54% over the year, putting it just behind North Dakota and Iowa with increases of 8.1% and 6.8%, respectively. During this same period, the total personal income for the country increased 5.1%, up from the 2010 increase of 3.7%.

This could be due to the total earnings for Texas’ real estate and rental and leasing industry increasing by 14% in 2011. In addition to that, durable goods manufacturing, wholesale trade; professional, scientific and technical services; and administrative and waste management services all increased by 8% and 10% in the state.

Texas also came in 4th for total state personal income growth in Q4 of 2011 with a 1.2% increase. The average state personal income growth totaled out to 0.8%, with North Dakota, Wyoming and Oklahoma leading the nation. Texas’ per capita personal income across the nation increase 4.3% in 2011 as well, with the state also ranking 9th among the states, with a 4.9% increase. However, Texas’ per capita personal income only ranked 26th at $39,593.

The state’s total mining earnings increased 28.32% in 2011 as well, which marked the largest increase by industry in the state. In addition to that, the mining industry also had the fastest growing earnings nationwide in the fourth quarter of 2011 with a 9% increase. The industry also accounted for a majority of the growth in the six fastest growing states of North Dakota, Wyoming, Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana and West Virginia.

The home and apartment rental industry has been booming in Texas, which could account for the growth in income. As people are spending less for their cost of living the have more of a disposable income.

Source: San Antonio Business Journal – Texas ranks third in U.S. for income growth

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Victims of Hurricane Ike Find Hope in Rental Housing Program

rental homesAccording to recent reports, renters in Galveston, Texas could receive rental help in as little as a month if they have been displaced and are waiting on their homes in the disaster housing recovery program to be completed. The Galveston City Council unanimously voted to approve nearly 20 units for a temporary rental housing program.

The rental housing program, which cost an estimated $1.275 million and was approved back in September by the Texas General Land Office, will allow families to spend as much as $3,000 for up to three months on their rent while their homes are fixed or reconstructed. The program was designed to help victims of Hurricane Ike, which struck the area back in 2008.

Any eligible family would include those who earn 50% of the area median income or less as well as the elderly and the disabled. The total median income for Galveston is reported to be nearly $36,000.

The money for the help would come from the amount each homeowner was awarded for their home. A rehabilitation maximum was set at $100,000 and $135,000 with elevation. In addition to that, a reconstruction maximum was set at $160,000 and $195,000. If a homeowner owns a historical piece of property, they are awarded a maximum of $160,000 or $195,000 with elevation. According to city officials, the program could start taking applications in about 40 to 45 days.

Seventeen of these rental units are located at 215 Market St. in Galveston. Seven of these are one-bedroom units owned by Charna properties and could be rented for $797 per month. An additional 4 one-bedroom units, for the same price, would be available from Carelton Courtyard, which also has six two-bedroom units available for $931 per month.

An additional 4 one-bedroom units will also be available for $797 per month. These are located at 6300 Seawall Blvd. and are also managed by Charna Graber Real Estate. This also marks the second time Galveston has released a request for quotation since the beginning of the program in October. All five responses to the request were dismissed due to the fact that the rent quotes were above the allowable rates.

Source: The Daily News – Council OKs temporary rental housing program

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Texas Convention Equipment Rentals

technology conventionIf you are planning on attending or hosting a booth at an upcoming convention in Texas, make sure you are prepared with all the convention products you need. Taking everything you need for a convention yourself can be a hassle and nobody likes traveling with all that expensive equipment which is why a lot of people go with Convention Equipment Rentals from offers all the latest technology rentals to make your convention center booth really stand out and draw in those extra customers or contacts. Most conventions usually involve big crowds in a large, arena-like setting which often means that you need very large format video displays which, most of the time, are larger than what is possible with a single screen. This is where video wall rentals come in handy. Video walls can provide much larger formats by linking multiple screens together, allowing your audience to see every detail of your display.

High-quality and reliable sound is also a necessity for most conventions, allowing you to communicate to your audience. offers sound system rentals that incorporate everything from microphones and soundboards to cables and amplifiers. Not only can coordinate delivery and setup but they can also have on-site technicians there to run and maintain your complete sound system rental.

If you need sound equipment or a video wall, chances are you may also need lighting system rentals. High-quality lighting with high-quality sound will enhance your event with a professional theme and ambiance, making your event a memorable one. The best part is that your Tech Travel Agent will be your single point of contact for not only your lighting system rental, but also every other equipment rental you need.

Whether you need a video wall rental, sound system rental, lighting system rental or an interesting lighting sail rental, is there for you. provides local delivery, setup and installation and will even tear down and take everything away for you, allowing you to focus on what is really important, your presentation, customers and contacts.

Computers, Desktops, Laptops, Servers and the latest in Portable Tablet PCs are available from your computer rental company,

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Texas Wireless Technology Rentals

Two Way Radio RentalsEven though is known for its high quality computer rentals, there are a lot of other useful things to rent, especially if you are traveling to a place like Texas. Some of the more convenient rentals offered by in the Lone Star state are Wireless Rental Services in Texas. Wireless rentals allow you to rent any kind of wireless device you need, for whatever situation, no matter what. Whatever you need to stay connected with the people you do business with, can deliver.

One of the more popular wireless rentals offered is Trade Show Internet. If you want internet directly at your conference, convention or trade show booth or a temporary internet connection and installation, then a Trade Show Internet Rental is just what you need.

Two Way Radio Rentals are also great for large conventions or conferences. offers radio rentals for a day, a week, a month or even longer. These rentals make perfect sense when you need a radio for a corporate event, company marketing project, convention service or special project. They allow you to keep in constant contact with your team so you always know what’s going on.

Another great rental is Nextel Rentals. Nextel rentals make perfect sense when you need a phone for corporate events, company marketing projects, temporary offices, convention services or special projects. They allow you to have all the functionality of a cellphone with the combined efficiency and convenience of a two way radio. It’s the best of both worlds!

Wireless Rentals for Conventions and Trade Shows in Texas are perfect no matter what your situation is. Whether it be a need for wireless internet at your booth or the ability to keep in contact with your entire team whenever and wherever, Wireless Rental Services from will make any Texas convention, trade show, corporate event or conference more efficient and easier to operate.

Renting projectors for meetings, events, trade shows, and projectors is easy at! You can rent projectors by the day, week, or month!
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Craigslist Rental Scam Targeting Texas Renters

CraigslistWhen it comes to renting property, you have to be wary of scams. It may sound strange, but there are a lot of people out there that are so intent on bettering their living situations that they easily fall into some costly traps, often renting homes or apartments that are not for rent or, as was the case one time, renting a property that was already occupied. One tip you can count on is that if someone claiming to be a landlord offers to mail you the keys to your rental property, but refuses to physically show it to you, then it’s more than likely a scam.

Porter County (Texas) Sheriff Sgt. Larry LaFlower, who is also the department’s public information officer, offered such advice after learning of a rental ad placed on Craigslist nearly a week ago. The ad offered to mail customers the keys to a rental property but wouldn’t show the people in person. A second ad was also brought to the department’s attention yesterday with the same basic scam.

The most recent case found a 47-year old man alerting police that he saw a property on City View Drive, located in rural Valparaiso advertised. The “owner” of the property said that he lived in Arkansas but that he had  a Texas phone number. The “owner” also said that if $900 in rent was sent to him via Western Union then he would mail the key. The potential renter decided to drive by the house and call a real estate agent listed on the “For Sale” sign only to learn that the rental ad was a fake.

Another potential scam surfaced back in February when a potential renter discovered a fake rental ad for $1,000 for a house on Woodruft Drive in Aberdeen. This potential renter also went to investigate the residence only to find the true owners of the home still living there. That house was also listed as “For Sale”.

According to police, both potential renters discovered the scam before sending any money. However, chances are that at least one person sent these scammers money. It just goes to show you that you have to be extremely cautious when doing any type of transaction online and that you should also avoid places like Craigslist when looking for a new place to live.

Source: Post-Tribune – Porter County warns of home rental scam

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Bobzio logoVacation rentals, cabin rentals and house swaps are apparently in very high demand on the site, as the site, which represents itself as “the only free site for owners and travelers to find a vacation rental, home exchange and area service”, is offering free listings for Texas vacation rental owners, as well as other high demand resort locations. Each owner that puts up a rental gets a high end perk package free as well. is a co-op of vacation rental owners, home exchanges and area services and has just announced free lifetime listings for owners of vacation rental properties, such as homes, apartments, hotel rooms, condos or tiki huts in the great state of Texas. Any Texas patron that lists on the site will also get unlimited photos, videos, interactive reservation calenders, Google maps and email contact forms. is also poised to give all owners the ability to accept credit card payments without fees while travelers and renters will also get insurance against loss of deposits. All of this will also be offered by the site without any fees whatsoever for a lifetime property listing.

The site itself only went live a couple of months ago but is growing at a rapid rate. More and more users everyday are discovering the advantages of looking for a rental based on activities of their choice, like golf, amusement parks, scuba diving, rock climbing, family activities or whatever else you might be able to imagine.

Since that the site is a co-op, it is owned by the members. The ownership role will eventually be determined when the first 20,000 members have joined.  You will be hard pressed to find a better opportunity than this one, which could potentially save you almost $1,000 per year in subscription costs alone.

Source: – Texas Vacation Rentals, Cabin Rental and Home Swap Listings Needed – Announces Needing More Property Listings for Texas at No Cost to Owners

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Proguard Storage Offers New Rental Services for Senior Citizens

Proguard StorageProguard Storage out of Houston, Texas has started promoting their expanded storage rental services and offerings to senior citizens who may be downsizing their living situations. The company specializes in premiere climate control storage units and is offering discounts to first-time customers ranging from deals like a free month of storage or even a guaranteed lowest price offering compared to other Texas storage companies in the same area.

According to Regional Manager at Proguard Storage Blenda Stapleton, “We’ve always made it easy for our customers to try out storage for the first time, with our range of discounts as well as the different supplies and consultations we provide. And for many senior citizens, storage rental is a new project. For those who are moving from larger houses to smaller apartments, or to assisted living facilities, storage can be difficult transitions for elderly family members, and it’s even harder when they have to grapple with losing, selling, or dividing up their most important possessions. But in our handicap-accessible climate control storage units, even antiques are fragile items and will be well-kept.”

One of the best things about having a unit at Proguard Storage is that it is accessible 7 days a week, 365 days a year, allowing you to have access to all of your possessions at all times. No matter what a senior citizen’s motives for relocating are, they will undoubtedly have to part ways with some things. Storage rentals, like the ones offered by Proguard Storage, allow these individuals to keep all of their belongings, even if they don’t have space to put them anywhere.

There are currently five different locations offered by Proguard Storage in the greater Houston metropolitan area. Each one offers features like automatic lighting, wide doorways and driveways, free loading carts, freight delivery options, 18-wheeler access, sealed concrete floors and solid block, brick and steel construction.

Source: – Texas Storage Specialists Promote New Storage Rental Services for Seniors Who Are Downsizing

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Texas Office Equipment Rentals

Office Equipment RentalsIf you are in desperate need of a temporary copier, fax machine, printer, total network rental or any other type of technology needed for an office (permanent or temporary) anywhere in Texas, you should seriously consider a Texas Office Equipment Rental from With over 28 certified technicians, engineers and installers all over the state, you can get fast and easy service no matter what it is you need and no matter whereyou need it.

If you’re planning on running a temporary office in Texas, temporary office equipment is a must. A certified and personal Tech Travel Agent will be your single point of contact for everything you need to complete your office equipment rental solution, including delivery and installation. And with’s local delivery and installation, all the pain of logistics is taken off your shoulders. offers a wide variety of Texas Printer Rentals to suit whatever office needs you may have. From LaserJet black and white printers to color and even high-volume and low-volume printers, has it all. You can even rent a multifunction printer or dot matrix printer if need be. No matter what type of printer you need, can deliver.

In addition to that, has a lot of Texas Fax Machine Rentals as well. Along with facilitating your company’s need to produce and duplicate information, your Tech Travel Agent can also help you send and deliver your information by setting you up with one of the many expert fax machine rentals available.

Texas Copier Rentals, as well as Texas Network Rental Solutions, are also available. offers a ton of different copier solutions that are perfect for the busy times of the year where companies often need to copy more than normal. Network rental solutions allow you to get everything you need for setting up a new or temporary office. Everything you need to set up a professional network can be easily provided by

So, the next time you need any kind of office equipment in the Lone Star state, consider a Texas Office Equipment Rental from By going with a company that has over 25 years experience in the field of computer and technology rentals, you know you are going with a quality name and quality products. is news of, for and by SMBs!… The Small & Medium Business Magazine!
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Texas Audio-Visual Rentals

Audio-Visual has been one of the leading companies in the computer and technology rental industry for over 25 years. In that time has branched out to offer services in all 50 states as well as select areas in Canada, Mexico and even the United Kingdom. One of the most popular areas that services is Texas.

While computer rentals are the primary services needed in Texas, also does a lot of business in Texas Audio-Visual Rentals as well and offers a full line of audio-visual equipment to Dallas, Austin, Fort Worth and other cities across the Lone Star State.

Audio-Visual rentals incorporate a vast array of different technologies and are perfect for situations like business meetings, conferences, trade shows, conventions or even temporary offices. is even experienced in Audio-Visual Rentals for Conventions and Trade Shows in Texas if you need a more specific package.

Something that we offer for Texas Audio-Visual Rentals are Lighting Equipment Rentals. offers lighting equipment rentals for staging and film productions and can personally design your lighting equipment rental to meet your exact specifications and needs. From full kits to standard on-camera lights, has it all. also offers a wide array of Projector Rentals, ranging from 1,000 lumens all the way up to 20,000 lumens. In additions to that offers projector rentals of varying sizes, allowing you to get oa projector that is perfectly suited for a small conference room or a large auditorium, depending on your need.

Staging Rentals are also very convenient. Staging rentals provide everything you need to set up and manage a convention or trade show stage. If you have a big presentation or you are organizing an event that will have a lot of presenters and a large audience, like an awards show, then staging rentals are perfect. You can get everything you need to make your event look professional and organized. offers Plasma Rentals as well. You can rent plasma screens as small as 43″ or as large as 103″ but if that just isn’t big enough, you can rent an entire plasma screen wall, something that gives that boring old trade show booth a little something special. Plasma rentals from are capable of connecting to a laptop, PC, DVD or other source as well as speakers or wall mounts.

Sound Equipment Rentals are also very popular among’s audio-visual customers. offers a wide array of sound equipment rentals, from microphones and sound boards, to speakers and amplifiers. Solutions from include delivery and installation at any convention center, conference, trade show or office.

Capping off the area of audio-visual rentals are Camera Rentals. Whether you need a camera for a professional filming session, a documentary or simply for one of your company’s events, can provide you with everything you need. Professional grade cameras aren’t cheap and there aren’t many times that buying one is justified, making a camera rental from all the more convenient.

No matter what type of audio-visual need you have, can deliver. services all areas of Texas and has done so with precision and expert customer service for over 25 years. So the next time you need anything in the audio-visual market, don’t hesitate to call on

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