Proguard Storage Rentals Market to Parents of Newborns

Proguard Self StorageTexas storage space rental company Proguard Storage has five different locations around Houston and has just begun promoting its self storage rental options for expecting parents and parents of newborn and young children. Proguard Storage has appealing facilities as well as convenient moving assistance and special discounts for new customers and is aiming to prove to its new clients just how accessible and helpful storage space rentals can be.

According to one of Progurad’s Storage Facility Managers Blenda Stapleton, “Expecting parents and parents of newborn infants often find themselves suddenly faced with a new home renovation project when it comes to designing and organizing a nursery room. Young families often don’t have a lot of extra rooms at home, so they realize that they need to convert an office, guest room, or another room that’s already in use, and buy a crib, changing station and other furniture.”

“That process usually leaves behind a lot of extra furniture and other items that a growing family doesn’t have room for elsewhere in their home. At Proguard Storage, we offer our top-of-the-line climate control storage units as an ideal solution for new parents who are pressed for space,” Stapleton added.

Home renovations for a new baby can be difficult and usually call for purchasing new furniture, repainting and redecorating, blocking outlets, installing child-locks, etc… New parents may get frustrated when reorganizing and deciding where to put things and how to accommodate for the extra furniture. For customers like that, Proguard Storage advertises storage rental as a perfect solution. Clients are able to choose climate control storage units in a facility for however long they need it.

Proguard also has a vast array of advanced security measures to make sure whatever you have stored is safe at all times. All of the five locations also have well-lit interiors and exteriors, on-duty managers, video surveillance, security fences and heavy-duty slip-in cylinder locks. In addition to that, most of the locations feature individualized unit door alarms that alert managers directly of any suspicious activity.

Source: PR Urgent – Texas Storage Company Proguard Storage Promotes Options for Parents of Newborns

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New Rent Program Guarantees Investors 2 Years of Rent

Texas Investor Homes
A new program from Texas Investor Homes guarantees two year’s rental income on brand new homes in Texas. This allows real estate investors to now have their rental income guaranteed for two years regardless of occupancy. In addition to that, prices start at $97,500 for a 3-bedroom, 2.5-bath fully equipped brand new home that includes property management as well as tenants.

Ron Black of Texas Investor Homes has developed a solution to the management problem of what he calls “tenants and toilets”. Black works with a lot of new home builders in key markets in Texas in order to provide an all new turn-key, two-year program for real estate investors that are interested in buying turn-key Texas real estate rental properties.

According to Black, “We have solved the long distance investor problems of buying and managing rental real estate outside of your home market. Our program includes everything: Fully equipped brand new homes at an affordable price, tenant placement, lending resources and property management. Plus, we go one step further and have the builder actually guarantee the rental income for a full two years. You no longer need to manage a rental property in your back yard to achieve high yields and great returns. This program has opened up strong rental markets in Texas to real estate investors across the nation.”

Texas Investor Homes is associated with new home builders in some of the key housing markets around Texas that are known for stability, job growth and strong cash flow. Black says that his program is the greatest gift to real estate investors since the low down payment loans of previous years. According to Black, “You cannot do this in many other states. The cost of land and skilled labor are too high. Our goal is to work with builders who can deliver a product in the low $100’s, fully rent-ready. New construction uniquely attracts higher quality tenants who will pay higher rent. It’s pretty simple when you think about it. You can achieve higher rents and less maintenance with less tenant turnover on brand new homes. What more could an investor want?”

Source: Market Watch – Guaranteed Rent Program Launched by Texas Investor Homes

A Copier Rental is a quick way to mass produce important documents for potential customers at an event or conference. Renting office equipment is simple and easy and it can also save you loads of time and money. has been offering copier rentals to more than 1000 cities worldwide for over 20 years.
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Apartment Rents Increasing in North Texas

increasing apartment rentsIn tough economic times like these, it is terrible to see the cost of necessities rising, especially when that necessity is a place to live. Unfortunately, that is just what’s happening in the North Texas area, where apartment rent prices are starting to rise to the point where getting a larger, better apartment is nearly impossible for some residents.

One such family that is having a tough time finding a decent apartment in North Texas is the Perez family, consisting of a mother, father and five teenage sons, all of whom are crammed in a rather small three-bedroom apartment. According to the primary provider for the family, Mrs. Perez, “The bedrooms are very small. The measurements are eight by ten if we’re lucky. So we have two boys that sleep on the couches in the living room.”

Mrs. Perez, who brings in the majority of the family’s income, has said that she has been looking for a bigger apartment since November but can only find ones that are way out of her price range. “Right now I’m paying $800 a month bills paid which is a pretty good deal. But I’m seeing things even higher out there $1,000 a month for the type of living arrangement I will need to be in plus bill and it would be pretty steep for me.”

North Texas isn’t the only area affected, however, as renters from across the country are experiencing similar situations. Axiometrics, which surveys rental properties around the nation, has predicted that apartment rents will increase 5.5% for this year, making it the third straight year of increasess in a row. Axiometrics has also stated that the recovering economy has put more people in the position of not being able to rent.

“We have a tremendous supply of quality renters in most market places that has really allowed there to be a higher occupancy rate. In Dallas we are at 92% which is some of the highest occupancy we’ve ever had,” stated Get There First Realty’s Mark Kreditor. Kreditor operates with rental properties and has said that these high rents can also be a result of the sluggish housing market.

According to Kreditor, “There’s going to be much more supply of renters who would normally be home purchasers because of the fact that mortgage qualification has become a little bit tougher. We try to make homes for everybody. There’s always a way to occupancy.”

Source: – The cost to rent an apartment in North Texas is on the rise

A Copier Rental is a quick way to mass produce important documents for potential customers at an event or conference. Renting office equipment is simple and easy and it can also save you loads of time and money. has been offering copier rentals to more than 1000 cities worldwide for over 20 years.
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Houston Computer Rentals

Houston offers a lot in terms of Houston Computer Rentals. Not only can you get a fast and easy computer rental, you can also rent products like projectors, laptops, desktops, servers, tablets, computer monitors, plasma screens, sound systems, video walls, electronic copyboards, printers, copiers, fax machines, networks and so much more!

Where really shines is not in the amount of different rentals you can acquire but in the service and reliability you receive. has been delivering technology rentals to the Houston area, as well as the rest of the country, for over 25 years. Renting is made simple with If your company has specific software you want on your rental device, no problem. can pre-load anything you want or need on an infinite number of devices according to your specifications.

Probably the best feature of a rental is the delivery. sends out a local area technician from wherever you will be using your rental. Your products can be delivered directly to your hotel room, office, convention booth or wherever you need it. Once it arrives, the technician will set up and test everything for you to ensure it is all working properly. Once you’re done, another technician will come out, pack everything up and take it off your hands, leaving all the logistics up to

However, also offers other options aside from rentals. As a reseller for thousands of brands and products, can help you get the equipment you need at the price you can afford. offers new equipment sales on computers, audio/visual equipment, servers, security camera systems and more. But, if you don’t want to pay the price for a new system, you can always go for a great piece of equipment from’s used equipment inventory. Every used piece of equipment has been tested by a certified technician to make sure that it is fit for your purchase.

In addition to new and used equipment sales and technology rentals, also offers leasing options for the Houston area. If you are looking to purchase some equipment but you don’t want to pay for it all up front, you can spread the payments out with a leasing option. Depending on your situation, you may also be eligible for tax advantages if you lease your equipment instead of paying for it up front.

No matter what your situation or need is in Houston, can handle it. Like I said earlier, has been in the business of nationwide computer and technology rentals for over 25 years so they know a thing or two about the industry and how it works, letting you know you are going with a company you can trust.

*For more information on technology rentals in Houston visit our Houston Computer / Audio Visual / And Office Equipment Rental Page!

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San Antonio Sees Increase in Luxury Home Sales

San Antonio luxury homesAs a result of wealthy Mexicans and Eagle Ford Shale millionaires helping drive the luxury home market in Texas, San Antonia luxury real estate has seen a dramatic increase to the point of outperforming the rest of the housing markets in the state.

Custom home builders have started more million dollar spec homes which are built on speculation before an exact buyer has come around. In addition to that, statistics are starting to show that in luxury neighborhoods, the most expensive homes are selling faster than the cheaper ones.

According to Research Economist with the Real Estate Center of Texas A&M University James Gaines, “Who are the most recession-proof? High-income people. Who can more easily qualify for loans? Who can come up with more equity? The world is not egalitarian. That end is going to be more active than the lower end of the market.”

The median (or average) price for a home in San Antonio has increased nearly 2%  for the entire year but it has also increased 3.3% in the $750,000  + category according to Jason Glast of Keller Williams Luxury International.

Cordillera Ranch, located in Boerne, saw a total of 35 homes begin construction with an additional 20 having submitted plans for approval. The average price of each house, not including the lot where it will be constructed, is nearly $1 million per home according to Vice President of Cordillera Ranch Development Corporation. Hill also added, “In every unit the most expensive stuff sells first. It’s staggering. The bigger challenge for us is going to be to get the builders going quickly enough.”

In addition to an increase in luxury home sales, the San Antonio region has also seen an increase in both oil shale wealth and ranch sales, both of which are doing very well in this tough economy.

Source: – Luxury real estate booms in San Antonio

Short-throw projectors only require half the projection distance of traditional projectors. The projector can be placed just a foot or so from the screen. This is nice because it keeps the projector and screen near each other instead of having a long throw projector that people can accidentally block.
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RealPage Announces Its Amended Credit Facility

RealPage logoRealPage Incorporated, one of the top providers of on-demand software and software-enabled services to the rental housing industry, has just announced that the company has amended its credit facility, otherwise known as the “Amended Credit Facility”. The Amended Credit Facility, which provides a revolving line of credit (as much as $150 million), will upgrade on December 30th, 2015 and convert the RealPage’s rather large debt of $57.9 million into revolving loans.

The interest rates on the Amended Credit Facility will vary, however, and will depend on defined senior leverage ratios. In addition to that, they will range from LIBOR plus 3.5% to LIBOR plus 3.0%. If you are seriously interested in this development (or you literally have nothing better to do with your time), you can get all the detailed information on all the terms and conditions of the Amended Credit Facility from RealPage’s 8-K. RealPage will file its 8-K with the Securities and Exchange Commission on or before December 29 of this year.

Chief Financial Officer and and Treasurer for RealPage Incorporated Tim Barker had this to say about the situation, “This amendment expands our banking relationships and provides continued financial flexibility in exceeding our growth strategy.”

Lenders that will be participating in the Amended Credit Facility will include Wells Fargo capital Finance, LLC, which will serve as the administrative agent. In addition to Wells Fargo, Comerica Bank, JP Morgan, Chase Bank, N.A. and Bank of America, N.A. will also be participating as lenders.

RealPage Incorporated provides on-demand products and services to apartment communities as well as single family rentals across the country and has a product line that includes OneSite property management systems, LeaseStar expert managed marketing, YieldStar asset optimization systems, Velocity billing and utility management services, LeasingDesk risk mitigation systems and many more.

Source: The Sacramento Bee – RealPage Amends Credit Facility

Security Camera Solutions

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Midland Housing Market is Booming, Leaving Few Options for Renters

Midland TexasIf you are planning on transferring to Midland, Texas before January 1st, you may be surprised to see the quiet housing market that you remember during the holiday season is gone. There are currently only  300 homes for sale and only 7 homes available for rent as of last week in the Multiple Listing Service database, and those in the real estate industry are seeing the best homes and rental properties going fast.

According to current President of the Permian Basin Board of Realtors Deborah Pierce, “The good houses go quick and the rental situation is pretty tough. Midland is just not like the rest of the state.” Pierce also stated that Thanksgiving and Christmas typically bring a bit of slowdown to the housing market but that this year they are still seeing serious home seekers looking for a place to stay.

There were 309 homes on the market last week, down slightly from the 324 homes listed. However, according to industry professionals, this is consistent with what’s been a constant trend over the last several months, making inventory low. These numbers are extremely low if you compare them to the 508 homes listed in 2010.

Member Services Director at the Permian Basin Board of Realtors Carroll Nall stated that numbers are in line with 2007 when oil prices were more than $100 and rental properties were at nearly full occupancy. “We don’t like having this few houses but our growth has been steady,” she said.

In October the average sale price for a home was $211,483 according to the Permian Basin Board of Realtors. That number has dropped dramatically from September when the average house price was as high as $218,314. However, it still accurately represents a nearly 9% increase when compared to sale prices in October of 2010.

Source: – Housing market not slowing down amid holidays, renters left with few options

Find out what is going on in the Tech Army World.

What are the Top 10 Money Making Missions?

What other companies have joined and what do they do?

How do I join the
Tech Army Organization ?

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Austin Computer Rentals

Austin TexasOf all the cities in Texas in which does business, one of the best is most certainly Austin. Aside from Dallas, Austin is the other major hub of business in Texas for and a city that uses a lot in terms of technology, computers and equipment.

There are around 3,461 professional engineers, installers and technicians from located in Texas, many of which love doing business in the city of Austin as well as with its citizens. Each technician is part of the Tech Army, an organization of technological professionals whose aim is to make life simpler for you, at least when it comes to technology. If you need something delivered, repaired or installed, will send out a local professional to help you with your needs. No need to talk or deal with anybody outside of your area.

There are many different options for Austin Computer Rentals from No matter what you need, is sure to have it. They carry everything from computers, laptops and servers to audio/visual equipment, staging equipment and networking tools. These devices, aside from being great rental opportunities, are also perfect replacement pieces if something gets lost or  damaged on your way to your next trade show, conference or convention.

Leasing options are also available from as well. If you are in desperate need of a piece of equipment but you can’t afford to pay for it all at once, you should definitely look into leasing. Depending on your leasing situation and needs, you may also be eligible for special tax advantages when you lease instead of buying up front.

So the next time you are thinking about heading to a trade show or conference in Austin and you need a piece of equipment, call They have been in the business of computer and technology rentals for over 20 years and you don’t make it that long in business if you aren’t a company people can trust and count on.

A Tech Travel Agent can get a laptop rental to you within 24 business hours in over 1000 cities worldwide. Call Me Toll Free 800-736-8772
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Dallas Computer Rentals

Dallas offers high-quality computer and technology rentals to all 50 states in the country, including Texas, and one of’s biggest markets in the second largest state is most definitely Dallas. With a population of nearly 1.2 million people, Dallas is top on’s list of most profitable rental areas. has 3,441 technicians, engineers and installers, all of which are part of the Tech Army, located in Texas, many of which are located in or around the Dallas area. What this means is that when you rent from, schedule to have something installed or need something repaired, you deal with a local tech. You don’t spend hours on the phone with somebody in a call service office halfway across the country, you deal with a real person who is conveniently located in your area. offers many different options for your Dallas Computer Rental. Technology rentals like computer, audio/visual equipment, office equipment, wireless, servers and more are all offered in the Dallas area and are perfect for quick replacement items you may need for a meeting, trade show, conference or convention. The best thing about renting equipment from is that when you do, a local technician will personally deliver, install, set up and test everything for you, allowing you to focus on more important things.

In addition to rentals, also offers leasing options to its Dallas customers. If you desperately need a piece of equipment permanently but you can’t afford to pay it all off at once, then leasing is perfect for you. Depending on your situation, you may even be eligible for tax advantages when you lease instead of buying it up front. also offers complete sales on both new and used pieces of equipment. is a trusted reseller for thousands of brand name products and can help you get the equipment you need at a price you can afford and with the service you expect. New things not your style? No problem. also has a large inventory of used and refurbished equipment, all of which is tested and certified by a professional technician to ensure that it is working as good as new.

So the next time you are in the Dallas area, or if you live in the Dallas area and you need a piece of technology quickly and easily, call on has over 20 years of experience in the field of computer and technology rentals which means you know you are going with a name you can count on.

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Rent Being Provided for Victims of Texas Wildfires

ETCOGThe Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs has allocated nearly $726,000 to assist homeowners who suffered damages from wildfires this year. If it is approved, homeowners that were displaced by wildfires could receive money to demolish and reconstruct their homes while also getting tenant-based rental assistance for as many as three years.

The money is dedicated to assist owners of as many as 43 East Texas homes, which includes 28 homes in three-county Longview Metropolitan Statistical Area , according to the East Texas Council of Governments. Executive Committee Members of the Council of Governments passed resolutions on November 3 to apply for the state grants. The grants are available through Federal investment as well as neighborhood stabilization funds.

If approved, the program will subsidize individual rent for up to two years with an additional twelve months extension also available. In addition to that, security deposits would also be covered along with up to 8% in administrative costs. ETCOG Housing Manager Savannah Pacobit and her staff have already identified homes in seven East Texas counties that could be eligible for assistance. The counties were declared major disaster areas by the Federal Emergency Management Administration on September 9.

Pacobit is also seeking assistance for 35 homes in Marion County, 18 homes in Upshur County, 9 homes in Gregg County, 5 homes in Anderson, 2 homes in Harrison County, 2 homes in Smith County and 1 home in Rusk County. Every East Texas county experienced damage from the wildfires during the first nine months of the year and, according to the Governor’s website, Gregg and Cass counties have seen between 2.1% and 7% of their respective total acreage burned.

Cass County is not a member of the East Texas Council of Governments, instead being a part of the Ark-Tex Council of Governments. Over 7,000 structures were lost to the wildfires and nearly 4 million acres have burned due to  22,500+ wildfires statewide. On the bright side, local and state firefighters are credited with saving nearly 35,000 homes from fire.

Source: – ETCOG seeks reconstruction, rent aid for East Texas wildfire victims

A Copier Rental is a quick way to mass produce important documents for potential customers at an event or conference. Renting office equipment is simple and easy and it can also save you loads of time and money. has been offering copier rentals to more than 1000 cities worldwide for over 20 years.
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