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North Texas Hail Storm Causes Surge in Car Rentals

If you were in North Texas last week then you probably had a bit of a run in with some nice-sized hail. North Texas motorists are still running around, looking for temporary transportation after a hail storm caused massive damage … Continue reading

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Rising Apartment Rents in North Texas Don’t Show Signs of Stopping

If you are currently renting an apartment in North Texas, or plan on doing so anytime soon, then you can expect to pay higher rents in the upcoming months. That’s right, as the desire for property rentals increases and occupancy begins to tighten, landlords will begin raising rent prices, according to a recent study. Continue reading

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Texas Sees an Increase in North Texan Landlords

If you live in or around North Texas then it is the perfect time to think about becoming a first-time landlord. Don’t believe me? Then just look at the growing number of North Texas residents that are buying homes only to rent them out to other people. Continue reading

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